Hi, we’re Nancy.

Asia’s first female pleasure platform.
We believe that all women deserve to feel good in our bodies and discover what tickles our tushy!

We started Nancy by asking one question:

Why are there so many taboos around female pleasure in Asian culture?

The Nancy story

Growing up in an Asian household, sex and intimacy were topics that were never discussed. “I love you”s and hugs were few and far between, never mind frank discussions about orgasms or sex toys.

There’s an unspoken ‘rule’ that sex and masturbation are parts of life that are shamefully hidden away - behind closed doors or a late-night rendezvous with your internet browser.

But sweeping it under the proverbial blanket doesn’t make it go away. The truth is - sexual pleasure and desire are completely natural parts of being human. So why is it so hard for us to talk about?

Tackling the Taboo

As a group of Asian women, we realized that the conversation around female sexuality needs to change. Sexual wellbeing is an important part of our overall health, and shouldn’t be relegated to dark corners and smutty sites.

We started Nancy because we want to remove the stigma associated with self-pleasure - to make it little less scary, and a little more fun.
But we can’t do it alone.  We’re inviting you  to join us, as we dive under the covers to have a giggle, a poke around, and explore everything related to enjoying our bodies.

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